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While a Toyota Tacozilla is not for sale, you may get a ticket to see one at a car show. It has been seen at vehicle events in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Nobody knows where or when this beast will appear next.

Tacozilla has been described by Toyota as “a special prototype project vehicle modified with non-genuine parts and accessories that may render the car illegal to run, void the warranty, and damage the safety and performance of the vehicle,” so it’s unlikely that you’ll even see it on the road. We may all nevertheless daydream about it!

What do you think about Tacozilla? Would you think about using it for your off-road vehicle?

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Is the Tacoma Tacozilla for sale?

Update: A photo gallery and more details about the Tacoma “Tacozilla” camper have been added.

Do you recall the stylish pop-up Toyota campers from the 1970s and early 1980s with the utterly retro stickers on the sides? Those motorhomes were among the incredible things that once existed and were constructed in cooperation with an RV business called Chinook.

If you want to buy one, there are quite a few still operational examples available that cost between $12,000 and $13,000. The Tacoma-based “Tacozilla,” which was inspired by those magnificent Chinook campers, has been presented by Toyota, so if you’re looking for a more contemporary version, you’re in luck.

This retro-themed camper was manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer in time to be displayed at this year’s SEMA event. The original Chinook and Tacozilla’s finished form can be seen in the photographs above, respectively, on the left and right. It pays respect to the original vehicle faithfully, if a little more aggressively than necessary for an outback vehicle. It sits on a Tacoma TRD suspension that is two inches higher than stock, mostly to clear the back wheels.

Gallery: Toyota Tacozilla Tacoma Overlanding Camper

With a contemporary touch, the Tacozilla tries to revive the coolness of the Chinook campers. The photo gallery up top demonstrates how meticulous attention to detail was paid to creating a very stylish modern camper with retro style. The base truck will be a Tacoma TRD Sport with a manual transmission, which is even better.

Now that the construction is complete and the truck is on display at SEMA, it’s a true contemporary take on the vintage that literally has everything. Tacozilla features cozy sleeping quarters, a full bathroom with a shower and hot water, a full kitchen, and a pass-through from the truck’s co*ckpit to the main cabin for added convenience.

What is the price of a Tacozilla Tacoma camper?

This retro-themed family camper was unveiled by Toyota, the top Japanese automaker, just in time for this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show display. The Tacozilla is perfect for your family’s camping needs because it has incredible extras like a huge 4 by 4 skylight, a fully functional kitchen with a sink and a stove, and sauna-style teak flooring. The V6 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine of the Tacozilla camper has an additional two inches of lift over the ordinary Tacoma TRD suspension fork. The Tacozilla is offered with an average price of $39,255, according Thefocus News.

Tacozilla: Will it be produced?

We hope Toyota decides to produce the Toyota Tacozilla concept since it’s the ideal small overland vehicle.

The SEMA of 2021 was stunning. Notably, the epidemic prevented anyone from attending the prior iteration in person. It appears that automakers and custom shops saved their best work for the post-covid period as a result. One of such businesses is Toyota, which returned to the SEMA with seven bespoke cars to honor its history, performance, and “go anywhere brand promise. One of the seven vehicles, the Toyota Tacozilla Concept, is a beautifully constructed “micro-house,” and all seven are very stunning.

Here, Toyota used vintage campers as inspiration to create a contemporary version that mixes outdoor adventure and downsizing. The Tacozilla is an eye-catching automobile that commands attention wherever it travels. The idea truck has been enhanced for off-road camping purposes as well; it has been designed with a thinner top and bottom for easier path navigation while dodging trees and other obstructions. Let’s learn more about this incredible Toyota Tacozilla Concept outback vehicle.

Is there a true Toyota Tacozilla?

Tacozilla is a custom camper that was constructed at Toyota’s Motorsports facility and painted in Texas. It is based on a Tacoma TRD Sport. Its retro color combination of yellow, orange, and bronze was inspired by Toyota campers from the 1960s and 1970s. The Tacozilla’s smoothed-out and thinner top and bottom allow it to still go over rough terrain, and Toyota claims that a person over six feet tall can move about within the camper.

Inside, teak flooring, a kitchen with a stove and a sink, a full bathroom with a shower, and a pop-up skylight make it feel rather pleasant. There is also a TV. The kitchen table is 3D printed and has the ability to be used as a bed. It becomes a backlit work of wall art when it is stored.

How much does a motorhome Toyota Tacoma cost?

A Toyota Tacoma camper typically costs between $285,000 and $350,000, depending on the model and accessories you select. Better Tacoma models can cost as much as $325,000, and there are even custom-built BCTs available for purchase for more than $100,000. Additionally, there are secondhand campers priced around $2,000 or less available for purchase.

Is there a shower on the Tacozilla?

The 3.5L V6 engine in the Toyota Tacozilla camper produces 278 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. It has an exclusive Motorsports Technical Center (MTC) exhaust system and a six-speed manual transmission. TRD air intake and TRD Pro wheels are also included. However, the amenities are what make this segment more amazing.

The interior of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Tacozilla camper features teak sauna-style flooring and is completely insulated. There is a full bathroom, a shower with hot water that works, a kitchen with a stove, and a sink. Even a refrigerator and a dining table that transforms into artwork when not in use are included. The area in the back above the cab can be used for sleeping. The Toyota design team also integrated a winch into the front bumper.

Toyota produces RVs, right?

Toyota is well renowned for producing incredibly dependable cars. Even though Toyota stopped producing motorhomes in 1993 (at least in the United States), you can still find them EVERYWHERE. This demonstrates the high caliber of these RVs.

Toyota mini-motorhomes frequently have original engines that have well over 200,000 miles on them. In fact, the Toyota 22R-E engine, known in the auto industry as one of the longest-running engines ever produced, is found in the majority of Toyota RVs.

Only 41,000 miles have been put on our 1989 Toyota Dolphin RV, and it still drives like a brand-new truck. When we are travelling hundreds of miles through the Mexican desert or exploring the wilderness in search of a boondocking location, it gives us confidence to know that our vehicle will function mechanically.

(Are you considering going camping in Mexico? Grab a copy of this vital manual, please!)

Sincerely, we would still save a ton of money by driving a dependable car even if we just camped in cities. The cost of mechanical work is high!

Our Toyota RV has made us so delighted that we would unquestionably suggest it to everyone as the best little motorhome on the road. There are several different versions of Toyota RVs, including the Toyota Chinook, Toyota Sunrader, Toyota Winnebago, and Toyota Itasca.

The Toyota RVs are all small motorhomes like our Dolphin. The quickest approach to find Toyota RVs that are for sale is to search for “Toyota Dolphin RV for sale” or “Toyota small motorhome for sale” on Google. These will return MANY choices. Finding a Toyota RV locally can also be done by looking through your local Craigslist.

A Toyota Chinook is what?

Both Toyota and Chinook, a maker of RVs and campers, were established in 1937. Small trailers and campers were initially produced by the company, but as other RV manufacturers started to appear in the 1960s, Chinook established itself as the “non-metallic RV builder.” Additionally, Chinook copyrighted its fiberglass full-sized RVs, trailers, and campers in 1965.

The Chinook 2200 and 2500 fully enclosed Class A motorhomes were introduced after creating numerous camper shells. The only RV produced by the firm that wasn’t based on a truck frame was this one. However, as the 1970s got nearer, the Chinook company had already undergone a number of acquisitions and sales. The name of the company wasn’t obvious.

Before this, many of the Tacozilla-like fiberglass camper shells that they produced were fastened to used Toyota vehicles. These shells were lightweight after all. Therefore, the lighter vehicles could support the load. It only made sense for Toyota and Chinook to collaborate after years of seeing Toyotas with Chinooks mounted to them.

The alliance resulted in the most well-known RV of the 1970s. It was a good size for a family, highly dependable, and reasonably priced. Even during the 1973 oil crisis, most families could afford it because it cost less than $5,000 in 1973, or around $30,000 now. Regarding dependability, many of those Toyota Chinooks are still in operation today.

Can a Toyota Tacoma accommodate a camper?

The ideal camping setting may be created by Toyota Tacoma Campers. The Tacoma serves as a tough off-road framework, and the camper converts the truck bed into a cozy and adaptable sleeping area while still leaving space for bed storage.

The Toyota Tacoma is renowned for its dependability, durability, and off-road prowess. It should come as no surprise that numerous manufacturers produce Tacoma campers. Who are the best Tacoma Campers, though?

How many people can sleep in the Toyota Tacozilla?

It has a double bed over the cab, a lounge and living area with two couches (which can also be used as beds), a 3D-printed table that transforms into a backlit work of art, a functional kitchen, and a wet bathroom, according to Schwerter.

Does Toyota produce camper trucks?

When Toyota created the ultimate camping trailer from a second Tacoma bed for the SEMA exhibition in 2020, we felt they had outdone themselves. For the SEMA event in 2021, though, Toyota is apparently working on something much cooler and Tacoma-related.

Toyota has announced that they are creating “Tacozilla,” an off-roading camper in homage to Toyota’s truck-based camper partnerships with Chinook in the 1970s, first on their YouTube page and then with a press release on their media site. This contemporary Tacoma TRD Sport with a manual transmission will be equipped with a bespoke truck camper.

Do Toyota trucks come with campers?

For your beloved Toyota Tacoma, the Tacoma Habitat Shell (seen above) would be a stylish yet practical piece of camping gear. The Tacoma Habitat, which is made by AT Overland, was created to bridge the gap between a conventional truck topper (camper shell) and a slide-in, cab-over truck bed camper. You can fully stand up in the truck bed thanks to the fold-out top of the Habitat while still being protected from the elements by the all-season tent.

A 2 inch thick mattress made of solid foam is included in the Tacoma Habitat’s sleeping room. composite aluminum structure throughout. The roof can support up to 350 lbs when it is closed, and roof racks are an option. The Tacoma Habitat’s specifications are as follows:

  • Construction of campers: all-aluminum composite
  • Weight at rest: 340 lbs.
  • 600 pound weight limit for the bed.

A thorough video tour of the Tacoma Habitat Camper that was captured during Overland Expo East is provided here:

Where Can I Buy A Toyota Tacozilla? - GearShifters (2024)


Can I buy a Tacozilla? ›

Unfortunately, the "Tacozilla" pickup camper is just a pure concept vehicle that will not go into series production and is therefore not available for purchase. Nevertheless, it is impressive what the Toyota Motorsports Garage team has achieved here.

Is the Toyota Tacozilla in production? ›

Designed at the automaker's headquarters in Plano, Texas, this build is a pure concept vehicle built on the previous-gen Toyota Tacoma that might never go into series production (at least not anytime soon).

Is the Toyota Tacozilla real? ›

Designed and built by Marty Schwerter and his team at the Toyota Motorsports Garage, Tacozilla is 100% custom. “We really didn't want it to look like a refrigerator on the back of a truck, so you'll see it's all rounded edges,” said Schwerter.

How many does the Tacozilla sleep? ›

Schwerter says it could sleep up to four people in comfort: you get a double bed over the cab, a lounge and living room with two couches (which can also be used for sleeping), a 3D-printed table that converts into a backlit piece of art, and a proper kitchen and wet bathroom.

What is similar to a Tacozilla? ›

Polish 4x4 motorhome builder Xpedition Pro has unveiled its first creation: the Xpro One. It's an overlanding camper van with sleeping quarters for three people and amenities for "10 days of existence without any resources," said Xpedition Pro.

How much is the new Toyota camper van? ›

With two bed areas, cooker, fridge, swivel front seats and elevating roof… it is also the most versatile and technologically advanced Eco camper in the world! Sleep, cook and drive almost anywhere, there is no rival. The Toyota Alphard UK price starts from only £24,995 and is one of our most popular cars for sale!

Why is it called TacoZilla? ›

Toyota brought trucks aplenty to SEMA, lead by a retro-cool tribute to the Chinook camper of the 1970s and '80s. The one-off concept Chinook tribute was called TacoZilla, with the first half of that moniker coming from the Tacoma's nickname, "Taco."

How many miles per gallon does a 2024 Toyota Tacoma hybrid get? ›

The new Tacoma Hybrid features the cutting-edge i-Force Max hybrid system, setting a high bar for fuel-efficient truck models. Models like the TRD Off-Road offer outstanding fuel savings, boosting economy from 20 mpg to an exciting 23 mpg combined. It's not just saving on gas.

Does Toyota make an RV camper? ›

Toyota RVs : Browse Toyota RVs for sale on RVTrader.com. View our entire inventory of New Or Used RVs and even a few new non-current models. Browse Toyota RVs for sale on RVTrader.com.

What is the gas mileage on the Tacozilla? ›

Thanks to its $6000 price tag, relatively good gas mileage (20 MPG), and an array of onboard amenities, the camper van became a hit, selling more than 50,000 vehicles across its lifetime.

How much does the Toyota Tacoma camper cost? ›

Montana-based GFC is the first to market with a camper for the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tacoma. Available in five- and six-foot sizes, these new wedge-shaped platform campers will fit all versions of the 2024 Tacoma. The starting price is $7700 and the camper is available to order now.

How much is the Toyota br75 camper? ›

Direct Cars offers the BR-75 in two options: the “Z trim” Hilux base model, starting at $83,688, and the GR Sport Hilux-based version for $94,950.

What are the specs of the Tacozilla? ›

A 3.5-liter V-6 engine making 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque mated to a six-speed manual gets the Tacozilla moving. The team added a two-inch lift to the TRD suspension to make it more capable off-road, and with the General Tire Grabber X3 285/70/17 tires, the Tacozilla shouldn't have any problem overlanding.

Is there a camper van that sleeps 5? ›

The Del Mar gives you the ability to stand while inside the vehicle, enough room to sleep 5 comfortably (without ever leaving the van), and more bells and whistles than any other Escape model, including USB chargers & lighting built directly into the pop top campervan.

How many seats does a Tacozilla have? ›

The living space has been designed to accommodate two adults comfortably and comes with bench seating and a bed that extends over the roof of the truck.

Why is it called Tacozilla? ›

Toyota brought trucks aplenty to SEMA, lead by a retro-cool tribute to the Chinook camper of the 1970s and '80s. The one-off concept Chinook tribute was called TacoZilla, with the first half of that moniker coming from the Tacoma's nickname, "Taco."

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