Learn About the Services Offered by Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA (2024)

As a global leader in the hotel management and hospitality industry, Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA has leading-edge expertise in all aspects of hotel management across a wide range of hotels and brands. From brand new hotels built from the ground up and luxury full-service hotels to select-service and extended-stay properties, our expertise in all areas is unparalleled. Keep scrolling to explore the below services.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Development
  • Procurement
  • Hotel Financing
  • Human Resources
  • Training & Development
  • Commercial

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Hotel Management

A key part of Aimbridge’s ongoing success is our ability to deliver financial results, maintain brand partnerships, whilst challenging and supporting new initiatives, and provide our owners with access to Aimbridge’s wide-ranging toolkit. In any hotel, whether branded or unbranded, full-service or focus-service, we’re able to adapt our approach to achieve investment goals for hotel owners and our measurable results include profit maximisation, through generating top-line revenue, and conversion optimisations. We drive focus on health, food and safety operational procedures across our portfolio and our experienced operators are ready to guide, mentor and steer our hotel managers towards success.

Food & Beverage

From concept development and menu engineering to design advice and operational excellence, Aimbridge offers a dedicated food and beverage team to manage this crucial component of the modern hospitality experience. As the restaurant, bar, and nightlife options have evolved in the hospitality industry, Aimbridge has been at the forefront of trends and techniques to create food and beverage experiences that are locally relevant, authentic and engaging.

Working with mixologists, leading chefs and award-winning design agencies, Aimbridge has a proven track record in conceiving, developing and managing highly-acclaimed and profitable food and beverage outlets.

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From casual coffee shops to celebrity chef partnerships, rooftop retreats and branded franchised destination restaurants, Aimbridge’s all-star line-up includes:


With the most experienced team in the European hotel sector, Aimbridge enhances asset value for developers and investors. Through our deep knowledge and experience across all brands and segments, we’re able to develop, acquire, renovate and/or reposition hotels and advise on the following areas:

  • Site validation
  • Acquisition, renovation and/or conversion
  • Design and construction consulting focusing on brand standards and operational efficiency
  • Brand franchise selection and relations
  • Market andfinancialanalysis
  • Joint venture partnership and financing
  • Sales, marketing and revenue management
  • Food and beverage analysis and concepting
  • Financial reporting
  • IT systems and services
  • Purchasing (operating supplies and capital equipment)

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We are specialists in the hospitality industry with our innovative and comprehensive hotel procurement expertise and market-tailored systems. With our knowledge, agility and size, we are able to deliver increased profitability in rapidly changing times. We continually leverage our direct spending power, in-depth industry knowledge and key relationships. Our procurement programs and purchase-to-pay systems benefitfrom volume-based discounted pricing to reduce costs and efficiencies, enhancing bottom-line results.

Hotel Financing

With the accessibility and flexibility of a local UK management platform, coupled with global resources and leading-edge expertise,we focus and tailor our suite of services for each property and locale, providing our partners with a foundation for success in every market. We provide solutions. We innovate. We grow.

  • Acquisition financing
  • Renovation financing
  • Construction financing
  • Long-term financing
  • Land loans
  • JV equity

Human Resources

At Aimbridge, we understand that great people are at the heart of our business and we know how important it is to attract, select, develop and retain the best people from within our industry. Our human resource services optimise business performance whilst ensuring we meet legal compliance. Our tools include a revolutionary careers platform, bespoke onboarding programmes and associate engagement surveys, as well as an integrated human resource time, attendance and payroll forecasting and processing system. We actively drive team engagement through reward and recognition initiatives and support health and wellbeing to create engaged workforces.

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Training & Development

We understand that to be successful our people need to continuously learn, develop and train towards their goals. The Aimbridge Academy strives to incorporate all aspects of learning and development to enhance job performance, satisfaction and employee engagement. From Leadership and Management, Sales, and Health and Safety courses to Disciplinary Skills, Time Management, and Performance Appraisal workshops, we offer a wide range of learning interventions for employees at all levels. Not only do our course offerings add value to our people, but in turn support the success and profitability of our hotels through driving performance, ensuring compliance and working to deliver expectations.


Our commercial team consists of industry-leading specialists with experience in all major European markets. We provide brand expertise in all major UK operating brands as well as tailored solutions for independent hotels.Our cohesive commercial strategic approach focuses on bespoke solutions for distribution, crisis PR management, specialist digital marketing support, specialist sales support, education and training for hotel teams, as well as the unparalleled abilityto leverage global distribution and supplier relationships.

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Learn About the Services Offered by Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA (2024)
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